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Английский язык

Конспект урока английского языка в 4-м классе по теме "Мой дом"

Добавлено: 2012.09.01
Просмотров: 1472

Валиахметова Заря Азатовна, учитель английского языка

Оснащение: картинки с изображением комнат.


  • Образовательные: 1. Практика в монологической речи.2. Развитие умений и навыков диалогической речи.
  • Развивающие: Развитие лексического мышления, творческое воображение, внимание, речевые навыки.
  • Воспитательные: Воспитание чувства прекрасного, умение выслушать собеседника. Привитие любви к своему краю, ее традициям.

Ход урока.

I. Орг момент.

T: - Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you.

Who is absent today?

What day is it today? (It is … of …)

Who is on duty today?

I’m on duty today/

Do you want to know what we will do today? Alien has come to us by air. He has got little silver horns on his head. I think he will be our friend. I hope the lesson will be interesting for you and you will enjoy it. Let’s begin our lesson now.

II. Речевая разминка.

T: The alien has a lot of questions. Listen to him and answer his questions.

A: Did you see my friends here?

Ch: How do they look like?

A: They look like me. They have six eyes and a long nose.

Ch: Are they green like you?

A: Yes, they are.

Ch: Do they have hair?

A: No, they don’t.

Ch: And do they have ears?

A: Yes, they have four small ears.

Ch: We didn’t see your friends. But if we see, we will tell you.

A: Thank you.

Ch: What is your name?

A: My name is Galaxy.

Ch: How old are you?

A: I am 100 years old

Ch: Do you have a mother (a father, a sister, a brother)?

A: I’ve got a big family: My parents, my grandparents, thousands of brothers, sisters and cousins. My brothers, sisters and I have star budgies, hamsters, rabbits and parrots.

Ch: What are their names?

Ch: How old are they?

Ch: Where do they live?

Ch: Are your friends clever (kind, hardworking…)?

A: I live on the other planet, in space. This planet is very far from here and very beautiful. I like it. My family has got a house. There are 10 rooms, 2 balconies. The rooms are very big. Behind the house there is a swimming – pool. Our house looks peaceful and calm. We have some robots to help us. They look after the house. Our house is a beautiful place at any time of the year.

Ch: What is your favourite sport?

A: My favoutite sport is star tennis.

Ch: Do you go to school?

A: Yes, I go to a space school and I am wearing a spacesuit now. In the evening I usually like to watch the Earth. And now I want to listen to your stories about your houses.

III. Актуализация навыков монологической речи.

Примерный рассказ учеников.

- I live in a house. Our house is nice and big. There are three rooms in our house. I have got a room of my own. It is not very big but it is light. There is one window in my room. There is a living room, my parents’ bedroom in our house. We also have a kitchen, a pantry, a hall and a bathroom. I like our house and I always help my mother to clean it.

IV. Физкультминутка.

It’s time to have rest. Will you stand up?
Up, down, up, down.
(Поднимаем руки вверх и вниз)
Which is the way
(Разводим руки в стороны)
To London town?
Where? Where?
(Поворачиваемся в стороны)
Up in the air,
(Смотрим по сторонам0
Close your eyes –
(Закрываем глаза)
And you are there!
(Открываем глаза)

V. Введение новой лексики по теме «Мой дом».

T: Alien wants us to learn some new words on the topic “My home”. Look at the picture and red the names of the furniture. Now listen to and read these words:

Carpet, lamp, fireplace, armchair, chair, sofa, table, shelf

Ученики знакомятся с новыми словами по теме «Мой дом».

A: Let’s play a game “Be attentive”, please. I will show you a picture and one of you will name it. If he is right, repeat my sentence. If he is wrong, correct my statement.

A: It is a carpet.

Ch: It is a carpet.

A: It is a lamp.

Ch: It is not a lamp. It is a fireplace.

A: It is not an armchair.

Ch: It is not an armchair.

A: It is not a bathroom.

Ch: It is a bathroom.

T: We think you must visit our town. It is nice but not big. It is located in the south – east of the Republic. Our town is very beautiful in summer and in winter.

Ch: It is fine and sunny in summer. In summer we can jump, run and play football. We can swim in the river, ride a bike and play tennis. We like to go to the forest. The forest is very green. There are many flowers, berries and mushrooms.

Ch: In winter we can skate and ski, play hockey. We really like making a snowman. It is fun. There is much snow on the ground. The trees and houses are white with snow. The weather is cold and windy.

Ch: Do you have green grass and white snow on your planet?

A: No, we haven’t.

Ch: What is the weather like on your planet?

Ch: Are the days long or short?

Ch: Do you have 4 seasons?

Ch: Is your planet clean?

Ch: Does your planet have forests and rivers?

T: It is interesting to know about different traditions of your planet.

A: On our planet there are many holidays. We have space New Year, space Mother’s Day, space Father’s Day, space Easter and many others. Do you have any holidays?

Ch: Yes, we do. Early in the summer here comes the time of Sabantui: the festival of dreams and hopes, songs and dances. It is celebrated in villages and cities. The holiday usually begins with a horse race.

Ch: There are a lot of different funny competitions held at the maidan: jumping sacks, carrying eggs in spoons between the teeth, running with pails full of water. Sabantui is a holiday which united the people of different nationalities.

A: It is very interesting. I see you are very happy and you have a lot of friends. It is important to have friends and live in peace. If you are friendly you will have a lot of friends, but I must find my friends. Good bye, children!

T: Let’s say “Good bye” to our guest. We are happy to have such a friend. I hope he will visit us again.

VI. Подведение итогов урока. и выставление отметок:

T: That’s all for today. I hope you liked our lesson. But we have some time to learn the poem about dancing.

I met a girl
Who come from another land
I couldn’t speak
Her language,
But I took her by the hand
We danced together,
Had such fun,
Dancing is the language
You can speak with everyone

T: Thank you for your work. You may be free. The lesson is over. See you soon..