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Английский язык

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку. Литературно-музыкальная гостиная "Все начинается с любви"

Добавлено: 2012.09.01
Просмотров: 811

Деодатова Анна Владимировна, учитель английского языка

Good morning dear guests.

We are happy to see you in our musical-literary sitting -room. Our theme is Everything begins with love.

(Pupils read the poem of V. Rozhdestvensky in Russian and its translation made by Spasskaya Alina, pupil of the 8-th form.)

Все начинается с любви.
Твердят: Вначале было слово...
А я провозглашаю снова:
Все начинается с любви!

Все начинается с любви:
И озаренье , и работа.
Глаза цветов, глаза ребенка-
Все начинается с любви.

Все начинается с любви:
Мечта и страх, тоска и подвиг-
Трагедия, тоска и подвиг-
Все начинается с любви.

Весна шепнет тебе: Живи!
И ты от шепота качнешься,
И выпрямишься, и начнешься.
Все начинается с любви!!!

Everything begins with love
It was the word at first, they say
But I will pray
That everything begins with love.

Everything begins with love
and doing good, and doing house,
children's eyes and nature, flowers.
everything begins with love.

Everything begins with love
and dream, and sadness, even war,
heroic deeds and tragedy and terror.
Everything begins with love.

Then spring will say to you:
Live and love
And you will change your life,
You will be stronger,
Then you will realise
That everything begins with love.

Many writers, composers, artists devoted their masterpieces to love. There are many kinds of love. What kinds of love can you name?

(Pupils name: love of a family, love of a person, love of a country, love of money, love of friends, love of humanity...)

As you see, there are many kinds of love. We shall speak about their importance, how we depend on each kind of love.

Love helps us to live, love inspires us, love gives us strength.

Today we shall speak only about love.

And as you know people usually decorate the walls of theis sitting-rooms with pictures. We shall decorate the walls with our works and our love.

(По ходу мероприятия учащиеся выходят и украшают гостинную своими работами: стихи, коллажи и т.д.)

First of all we want you to watch a presentation about love.(Two pupils tell about famous beloved pairs, read some famous quatations of well-known people on the theme of love, show the results of the survey among pupils, teachers, parents Are you in love with somebody?, tell about a famous game Love at first time in which they have played successfully.)

When a child everyone had a pet and gave his or her love to it.

-Do you have a pet?

-What is it?

-Tell us about your pet.

-Do you love your pet?

(Pupils of the 5-th form recite poems about their love to pets.)

I love all kinds of animals
Dogs, cats and rabbits.
I like all kinds of animals
Despite their little habits.


I like dogs,
All dogs,
Big dogs and small dogs,
Glad dogs and sad dogs,
But I like best on land and sea
That one ,who wags
His tail at me.


I've got a dog
His name is Jack.
His head is white,
His nose is black.
I take him out every day,
Such fun we have we run and play.
Such clever tricks my dog can do.
I love my dog, he loves me too.

Friendship is a great thing. Let's sing a song about friendship together.

The more we get together (3 times)
The more we get together
The happier we'll be.
For your friends are my friends
And my friends are your friends
The more we get together
The happier we'llbe.

Listen to the poems about friendship. (Pupils of the 6-th form read these poems.)

We are kind and we are clever,
We are gay and we are sad.
But we'llbe great friends forever
Be with me and give your hand.


Friendship is a thing for two,
Three or four, even more.
Like a song that's made to sing,
Friendship is a doing thing.

-How do you understand these poems?

-Do you have a friend?

-Do you help your friend?

-What can you do together?

-And what about your family? Do you have a big family?

-Tell us about your family.

-Are you a happy family?

-Do you love your family?

Family is very important to everybody. We find shelter, support, true love in our family.

Let's sing a song about a happy family together.

Father, mother, sister, brother
hand in hand with one another.

And now the pupil of the 6-th form recite you a poem about her family composed by herself.

I love my mother for her kindness
I love my father for his help
I love my brother for his hapiness
My family, you know, the best.

Mother... It's a magic word. Is there any other love as gentle as that one? This love we keep in our hearts all life.

Pupils of the 7 and 8-th form will recite you poems about mother.

I know a face ,a lovely face
As full of beauty as of grace,
A face of pleasure and of smile,
In darkness it gives light.

A face that is itself like joy
To seeil, I'm a happy boy.
And I've a joy that have no others
This lovely woman is my mother.


Who said Good night
When I was a child?-My mother.
Who dressed my dolls in clothes so gay
And showed me often how to play?-
My mother.
Who ran to help me when I fell
And who could funny stories tell?-
My mother.
Who sits at my head when I'm in bed?-
My mother.
Who is so nice, who is so kind?
Another so dear you'll never find!!!
My mother.

I know you love your mothers.

Tell us about your mother. Say why is your mother the best?

Let's listen to one famous song. (Some pupils sing the song Moscow suburb nights.)

-Do you know this music?

-Do you like it?

-What is this song about?

-Do you love your Motherland, your country?

And now listen to the poem about Russia composed by the pupil of the 9-th form.

Russia is very great.
My country I'll never forget:
Rivers, forests, lakes and seas,
Nature more beautiful you can't meet.
Friendly people, happy kids
How I proud of and love all these.

All love songs are adressed to our feelings and emotions. Let's sing the songs about love.

(Pupils sing two songs: Yesterday by The Beatles and I just call to say I love you by S. Wonder.)

-What kind of love do these songs tell us about?

-What is the difference between these songs?

-What films or books about love between men and women do you know?

-What is love?

(Pupils give their answers and the most interesting explanations are put on the blackboard.)

Love between men and women the most complex, unpredictable one. Pupils of the 10-th form want to show you one situation.

Our hands have met,
But not our hearts
Our hands will never meet again.
Friends if we've ever been
Friends we cannot now remain.
I only know I loved you once,
I only know I love in vain.
Our hands have met,
But not our hearts.
Our hands we'll never meet again.

(This poem is dramatised by a girl and a boy.)

And we want you to watch a clip made by the pupils and called 'Love is.

(Видеоклип выполнен в Windows - movie maker. Сюжет клипа - это показать все стороны любви: к ближним, к друзьям, природе, родному поселку, школе, к английскому языку и т.д.)

Love is eternal isn't it? Let's live with love in our hearts: with love of humanity, love of a country, of everybody.

We wish you love and to be loved !!!