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: 2016.01.15
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Good afternoon, boys and girls! Today well have an unusual lesson. Today we are invited to the birthday party. Lets introduce with the hostess of the party.

Song Come to the party

Let me introduce myself! My name is Julia. Today is my birthday. I invite my friends to the party. What must I do? Mmm I must clean the room, cook dinner; open the windows, wash dishes, and wash clothes. And I must go shopping and buy some fruits, vegetables and sweets. Now Im going shopping.

Song Jilly and Doris (5 Bclass)

Jilly and Doris must read the stories.
Jilly and Greta must write a letter.
Jilly and Pat must find the cat.
Jilly and Dennis must play tennis.
Now tell me, you and you and you.
How many things must Jilly do?

- Im looking for strawberries. Have you got any?

- Yes, I have. How many would you like?

- I want two pounds, please.

- Here you are.

- Thank you.

- Hi, Julia. What are you buying?

- Im buying some strawberries for tea.

- Do you need anything else?

- Yes. Id like a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, a bottle of milk, a jar of honey, a bunch of grapes, a box of cream, a box of sweets and a bar of chocolate. How much is that?

- 10 pounds 50 pence.

- Thanks a lot.

- 67190. Hello. Its Jane.

- Oh, hello, Jane.

- Is Mark at home?

- No, he isnt. He is out. He is at Julias birthday party.

- Thank you. Good bye.

- Good bye.

- 644210. Hello.

- Hello, Tom. Its Frank.

- Oh, hello, Frank. Lets go to the Julias birthday party.

- O.K. Lets meet at the bus stop.

- Bye, Frank. We should go to the shop and buy a gift.

- See you, Tom.

- Here is the bus stop.

- Which bus should we take?

- We can take bus number 5 or 6.

- Where must we get off?

- At the towns centre. We should buy a bus pass for you.

- Excuse me.

- Yes. Can I help you?

Yes, could you tell me the way to the toy-shop?

Its in Pembroke Street. Cross the street and turn right at the corner.

Excuse me. Is this the right way to the shop?

Yes, it is. Go straight ahead. Its over there.

Thank you. Not at all.

- Could you tell me how to get to the market?

- Well, you can take a taxi or a bus.

- How far is it?

- Its about 2 miles.

Can you tell me, please? Whats the best way to get to this address?

I think, by bus, but you can go on foot.

- Hello!

- Hi!

- Do you know that today is Julias birthday?

- Oh, yes! Lets go to the shop and choose a gift.

- What should we buy? What does she like most of all?

- Lets buy for her a big soft Teddy Bear.

- Its a good idea, but I think that she has a lot of soft toys because they are very popular presents.

- Well, how about the video cassette tape? I know, she enjoys watching videos at home.

- Its not bad. But I dont know what films she likes: comedies, cartoons or something else.

Lets buy for her any book. I know that Julia is fond of reading.

- Do you know what kind of books does Julia like? I dont know. I believe a compact disk is always a good present.

- Oh, yes. Im sure; she has a CD player at home.


- Good afternoon. Could I help you?

- Can I see that toy dolphin, please?

- This one?

- No, that one to the left of it.

- Here you are. Its very nice.

- Can you sow me these dolls and those rubbers rings, please?

- These?

- No, those. The red and blue ones.

- Can you show me some films, please?

- Colour or black and white?

- Colour.

- Slides or prints?

- Slides, please. Its rather expensive.

- Have you got anything cheaper?

- Have a look at this one. Its cheaper, but not as good as that one.

- Hello. Could I speak to Mr. Mason, please?

- Sorry, but he cant come to the phone. He is cooking in the kitchen.

- Whats he cooking?

- Hes making a cake. He often makes cakes on Saturdays.

- Could I speak to Mrs. Mason then?

- No, Im afraid you cant. She goes out.

- Wheres she going?

- She is going to the market. She goes to the market every Saturdays.

- Could I speak to John then?

- No, Im afraid you cant. Hes at school.

- Whats he doing at school today?

- Hes playing football. He always plays football on Saturdays.

- Can I speak to Jane?

- No, Im afraid you cant.

- Why not? Is she playing football too?

- No, shes doing her homework at her friends house. She usually does her homework at her friends house.

- Who can I speak to then?

- You can speak to me!

- Who are you?

- Im

- What are you doing here?

- Im I always

- Good afternoon, Kate. How are you?

- Im fine, thanks. And you?

- Im fine. These are cards for Julia.

- Thank you. Good bye.

- Bye.

- Come in! Hello! Im very glad to see you!

- We congratulate you with your birthday! Happiness, lucky, everything!

- Hi, Julia. This is Richard

- Hello, Richard. Nice to meet you.

- Where are you from, Richard?

- Im from U.K.

- How old are you?

- Im 13.

- Whats your hobby, Richard?

- Painting.

- And I want to introduce with my friends. (song Two little parrots sitting on the wall)

Come in. Hello! (song Happy Birthday to you)

It is hot on my birthday.
I have guests on my birthday.
We eat cake on my birthday.
We sing songs and play.
And my birthday, and my birthday and my birthday is in May.

It is cold on my birthday.
I get cards on my birthday.
Friends give presents and cards.
We go out for lunch,
And my birthday, and my birthday and my birthday is in March.

I am sad on my birthday.
I get cards on my birthday.
Friends dont come to the party.
In the afternoon,
And my birthday, and my birthday and my birthday is in June.

Happy birthday, dear friend!
Your birthday is a special time
For wishing you will find
One of those really perfect days
In fact, your favourite kind
A day where every moment brings
Some new enjoyment too
Where everything will make it
Such a happy time for you!

Song How are you (My name is Margarita)

My name is Margarita
And Im from sunny Spain!
How are you, how are you,
And how are you again?

My name is Richard Greenham
And Im from the UK!
How are you, how are you,
And how are you today?

My name is Buddy Smithson,
Im from the USA!
How are you, how are you,
And how are you today?

Do you live in London? Do you like it here?

Do you eat fish and chips? Do you watch TV?

Do you drive on the right side? Do you have a car?

Do you go to Oxford? Is it far?

Do you learn computers? Do you dance and sing?

Do you know Prince Charles? Do you know the Queen?

Do you like the Beatles? Do you play handball?

Please, tell us, tell us all!

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